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Computer Courses: Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop Elements, eBay and QuickBooks

Salem TCRC offers computer classes to fit YOUR schedule. Check the list below of classes taught by Charles Pace at the Salem TCRC. Contact us to schedule the class you want at a time that fits your needs. Morning, afternoon and evening class times available. Call TODAY to schedule your personal, one-on-one class! Each student has their own computer for Hands-On Instructor Led Training in our Computer Lab.

To register or for more information call 573-729-8163 or e-mail: info@salemtcrc.com. The Salem TCRC is located in the Salem Freedom Activity Center (former National Guard Armory), 1200 W. Rolla Road in Salem, Missouri.

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Keyboard and
Mouse Basics
Computer Upkeep
and Maintenance
Intro to Computers Intro to the Internet
Word Processing PowerPoint Excel Windows XP Movie Maker
Photo Editing Basics Publisher Access Intro to Using Quickbooks Pro
The Basics of
Selling on eBay
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Keyboard and Mouse Basics
Basic course in the use of a keyboard and mouse. An important first step in computer ease-of-use. Exercises for home practice will be provided as well. $60 for this two-hour class.    [TOP]

Computer Upkeep and Maintenance
Learn how to keep your computer running smoothly. Basics in deleting cookies, temporary files and keeping anti-virus, windows and hard drives up to date. $60 for this three-hour class.    [TOP]

Intro to Computers
Learning computer basics components and data file management. $60 for this three-hour class.    [TOP]

Intro to the Internet
Look at tools available for searching the web and setting up bookmarks. Look into various searches on the internet. $60 for this three-hour class.    [TOP]

Word Processing ($90 per six-hour class)
Basic class includes: Editing, proofing, formatting and working with tables.
Intermediate class includes: Working with sections, more on tables, styles, using headers and footers, using graphics, and introducing templates.
Advanced class includes: Creating form letters and addressing envelopes using merge function, using forms and look in depth at data fields and macros.    [TOP]

PowerPoint ($90 per six-hour class)
Basic class includes: building a presentation, formatting, using clip art, and delivering the presentation.
Advanced class includes: Building custom presentations using templates, advanced clip art and drawing techniques, formatting and enhancing tables, adding special effects, and broadcasting presentations.    [TOP]

Excel ($90 per six-hour class)
Basic class includes: entering data, using functions, charts, and printing worksheets.
Intermediate class includes: Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks, advanced formulas and charting.
Advanced class includes: Creating subtotals, data validation, creating and using a PivotTable, exporting and importing, querying external databases, recording and running macros, creating interactive web sheets.    [TOP]

Windows XP Movie Maker
Learn how to use Movie Maker to capture audio, video, and still pictures for use in movies. Adding titles, video transitions and sharing movies: recording to a CD or DVD. $60 for this three-hour class.    [TOP]

Photo Editing Basics
Learn how to move photos between folders manipulate your photos and put on a CD. The concepts covered can be utilized in most common photo editing programs. Learn Photoshop Elements 7.0 to crop, resize, color correction, use layers and filters and fix photos. $60 for this three-hour class.    [TOP]

Publisher ($90 per six-hour class)
Basic class includes: creating documents, using text frames, adding pictures, inserting objects, adding special effects, formatting text, using editing tools and working with multi-page documents.
Advanced class includes: Working with newsletters, designing web pages, linking and publishing web sites, mail merge and integrating with Office 2007.    [TOP]

Access ($90 per six-hour class)
Basic class includes: database concepts, creating a simple database, working with fields and records,querying tables, creating and using forms, creating and using reports and importing and exporting objects.
Intermediate class includes: Creating relationship database, relating tables; planning and working with related tables, working with input masks, working with Input Mask Wizard and setting properties.    [TOP]

The Basics of Selling on eBay ($90 per six-hour class)
Learn from an eBay trained education specialist about selling on eBay.  Learn how to create & monitor listings; improve existing listings; set pricing; open and use a PayPal account and complete the transactions. 6-hour class.   [TOP]

Intro to Using QuickBooks Pro ($100 per seven-hour class)
Topics: Setting up accounts; entering transactions; invoicing; payroll; tracking customers and vendors; generating financial reports. 7 hour class.  [TOP]

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